Presentation Basics with Felipe Franchini

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Presentation Basics with Felipe Franchini


会場 九段日本文化研究所・日本語学院
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 2016年1月7日(木)スタート!毎週木曜日19時30分から全12回にわたり、フェリペ講師によるプレゼンテーション講座『Presentation Basics』を開催いたします。





Course Summary

Practice presenting and speaking while revisiting the basics of presentations. This is a workshop style course designed for the introduction and sharing of presentation basics. For the most part we will practice presentations and discuss presentations. We will share tips for good presentations throughout the course while focusing on the areas below. All levels are welcome.



Lesson 1: Course/student introductions + audience & eye contact

We will start with teacher and student introductions and then move onto the course outline and expectations. We will spend the remainder of the time discussing: What is a presentation?; When do we make a presentation?; What makes a good presentation?; What are the best/worst presentations you’ve seen?

Lesson 2: Preparing for a presentation + posture practice

We will discuss brainstorming and planning a presentation with a focus on planning. Why do we need to brainstorm? Should we skip brainstorming? The class will examine the concept of being understandable with general presentation guidelines.

Lesson 3: Signposting in a low context culture: gestures (important expressions)

In this class, we will practice signposting in a low context environment. Examples of expressions common in signposting will be introduced. We will discuss the following questions: What is high context and low context culture? How do we present in each?

Lesson 4: Emphasis (register, tone, English intonation, and emphasis in presentations)

In this section we will examine the topics above so that students can better select the appropriate language for their presentation. In addition we will work on delivering upbeat presentations rather than flat dull presentations.

Lesson 5: Using visuals and engaging the audience (being memorable)

Share general tips and guidelines for visuals like slides, photos, and animation. Explore how we can involve the audience with questions and activities.

Lesson 6: Talking about numbers, graphs, and charts

Review large numbers and general rules in talking about short and long numbers. Practice describing graphs and charts clearly and talking about trends in the economy, market, and society.

Lesson 7: Hooking the audience and keeping their attention (using verbal aids), and Workshops

In this class we will practice capturing the audience’s attention and holding their attention. We will explore different techniques to prevent loss of attention from participants.

Lesson 8: Media: PowerPoint, Keynote, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Adobe Voice

Explore a variety presentation software to familiarize ourselves with available options. Students are encouraged to make a simple presentation with a few different programs and report their findings.

Lesson 9: Personal touches: being an authentic presenter (authenticity, anecdotes, and emotion)

Explore what it means to be an authentic presenter. Can we be ourselves and still deliver great presentations? Emotion and personal stories can make our presentations better.

Lesson 10: Question and answer (how to start your q&a section and manage problems)

Practice starting and ending your Q&A session and managing different problems. Learn how to take advantage of networking before, after, and during a presentation.

Lesson 11: Customizing for your audience/venue & the elevator pitch

Consider the audience and adapt presentations for specific contexts: the importance of revising your presentation tone and register and considering the venue seating and technology available. When you don’t have time for a full presentation, it may be important to make a quick one minute presentation called an elevator pitch. Practice the elevator pitch.

Lesson 12: 15-20 minutes presentations with Q&A

Wrap up the course with final presentation and Q&A sessions. Share what new things we have learned and how we will try to improve our presentations.

*Contents are subject to change without notice.



Dates: Every Thursday from January-March (12 times).

  • 1/7, 14, 21, 28
  • 2/4, 18, 25
  • 3/3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Time: 7:30PM-9:00PM (90min)

Level: Low-intermediate and above

Number of People: 4-10

Lesson Fee: 32,400yen(tax included)

Application deadline: Jan 4, 2016 (Mon)

Contact: For those interested, kindly send an email to info_en@kilc.co.jp (Japanese OK).

Web: http://www.kilc.co.jp/english/event_presentation.php

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!







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九段日本文化研究所・日本語学院東京都千代田区三崎町2-7-10 帝都三崎町ビル1F


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